Landmark Catering has been serving the Film industry for over 15 years. Our first Film was “The Out Law Trail” by Go Films. Since that time, we have had an opportunity to grow with the industry. The following is a list of Film Shoots we have been a part of:

Films for HALLMARK:

     Christmas Under Wraps (Hybrid LLC) 2014

     12 Gifts of Christmas (Hybrid LLC) 2015

     I’m Not Ready For Christmas (Hybrid LLC) 2015

     Christmasland (Hybrid LLC)

     My Summer Prince (Hybrid LLC) 2016

     Sharing Christmas (Hybrid LLC) 2017

     Christmas Made to Order (Hybrid LLC) 2018

     Christmas Wonderland (Hybrid LLC) 2018

     Check Into Christmas (Hybrid LLC) 2019

     Enchanted Christmas (Executive Producer, Cindy Bond) 2017

Films for LIFETIME TV:

    Wrapped Up in Christmas (Hybrid LLC) 2017

     Jingle Belle (Hybrid LLC) 2018

     My Christmas Inn  (Hybrid LLC) 2018

     Christmas Hotel (Hybrid LLC) 2019

     The Road Home For Christmas (Hybrid LLC) 2019

     Staging Christmas  (Hybrid LLC) 2019

Films for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

Joseph Smith the Prophet of the Restoration  2005

Old Testament Stories for Seminary Program

On the Lord’s Errand, The Life of Thomas S. Monson  2009

Ancestor Short Stories for “Root Tech” Conference

Short Story of the Mormon Battalion

Short Stories of the Mormon Pioneers

The Christ Child Nativity Story  2019

Films for BYU TV:

Studio C  (Kaleidoscope Pictures)

The Nutcracker  2019

Show Off’s (Kaleidoscope Pictures) 2018, 2019

Extinct Series (Go Films) 2017

Shoelaces for Christmas (2018)

Christmas Under the Stars:

     Gentri  (Kaleidoscope Pictures) 2016

     Vocal Point (Kaleidoscope Pictures) 2018

     Train  (Kaleidoscope Pictures) 2018

     The Band Perry (Kaleidoscope Pictures) 2018

     John Legend (Kaleidoscope Pictures) 2019

Other Films:

The Outlaw Trail ( Go Films, producers Adam Abel and Ryan Little)

New Testament Stores (Erwin Brothers Entertainment)

Emma Smith, My Story (Candlelight Films) 2008

The American West (Mini Series Documentary/Producer, Robert Redford) 2016

Small Town Crime  2017

Ecco Boomers  2019

Man VS Bear (Driving Force TV LLC) Discovery Channel 2019